WAM Podcast #202 Taking the Reins in a Multicultural, Multigenerational Family Business with Filomena Malvone

Changing demographics are creating new roles and leadership opportunities for women in family businesses. However, there are numerous stereotypes, unconscious gender biases, and even family traditions that can present challenges for women stepping into these positions of leadership, particularly when taking the reins in a multicultural, multigenerational family business! This has been the experience for Filomena Malvone, the Owner and Manager of Jerry & Sal’s Pizza Restaurant in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and the author of What Would You Do If…, a situational book to promote problem-solving skills among young children. Today, Lydia Di Liello sits down with Filomena to discuss some of these challenges and find out how she overcame them with determination, hard work, and finesse, emphasizing the importance of building meaningful relationships along the way. We also touch on the value of speaking multiple languages, fostering a company culture that feels like family, and surrounding yourself with encouraging supporters, plus so much more, so make sure not to miss today’s show!