Client Results

CHEP NA, A Brambles Company

I first met Lydia at a Professional Pricing Society (PPS) conference. A leading voice in the field of Pricing Optimization and Strategy, Lydia is an excellent speaker and workshop leader. It is easy to retain what she teaches as she ensures her participants (students) are engaged and learning. Every year I invite several people to the conferences and workshops from across the organization, including Sales, Finance, IT, Marketing. Everyone that has heard Lydia speak, always comes away with actionable ideas that have benefited our company’s bottom line. Lydia is effective, articulate and fun. I encourage anyone needing training for Pricing, Negotiation Skills or Corporate speaking engagements to take advantage of Lydia’s expertise, not to mention her more than a quarter century of experience

Patience K Mutiso
Director, Revenue Management
CHEP NA, A Brambles Company



Cornerstone Building Brands

Cornerstone implemented pricing software to help drive analytics around price in the marketplace. During the implementation, it became apparent that we needed to address governance and process to fully achieve the benefit of pricing analytics. We needed to transform our approach to pricing to better align with our go-to-market and minimize margin leakage.

We are major supplier in low rise, non-residential construction and needed to ensure our processes and governance align with the growth the business had experienced. We knew we needed support from
someone who understood pricing strategy, recognized the importance process plays in achieving margin expansion, and had experience implementing governance policies and the change management that goes along with it. Lydia Di Liello was selected over several other candidates because she listened to the problem we were trying to solve, asked targeted questions to drill down to the root causes, and demonstrated a collaboration the was important to the success of the project.

Lydia was an asset to our project. We achieved three points of margin expansion from the implemented work. She was flexible, collaborative and generous with her time. She was so impactful to our business that we asked her to speak at our Top 100 Leadership meeting.
A year after completing the project, we engaged Lydia to complete a similar task with another business unit. Again, the results achieved speak for themselves.

I recommend Lydia Di Liello and Capital Pricing Consultants, LLC to any company looking to evaluate and improve their organization’s pricing practices.

Best Regards,
Andrew J. Bonde, Vice President, Pricing and Product Mgmt.
Cornerstone Buildings Brands Commercial Solutions



Cleveland Engineered Materials

After an analysis of our pricing and market, Lydia DiLiello recommended that we increase our pricing by at least 25%.  I was very hesitant because it seemed like a tremendous increase.  At the same time, she told us that the new pricing more accurately reflected our VALUE to our customer.  In the end, we raised our price by 38% and the customer stated that it did indeed reflect the value we provided.  They said our quality and delivery were worth it.  I thank Lydia DiLiello for her outstanding advice which helps us increase profitability.

Michael Caputo
General Manager




Giacomo’s Gourmet Foods

Hand Crafted Gourmet Granola

In the life of all companies, there comes an exciting time when you need to do the deep dive and hard work to bring your enterprise to the next level. Reviewing spreadsheets, trending sales, focusing on cost of goods, evaluating customer trends, determining the effect of marketing campaigns can be an extremely stressful, agonizing exercise. Then comes the part where you must address the elephant in the room: What is that magic number, the price, you are going to present to your consumer.

In our niche market as a gourmet granola producer, we have to be vigilant as well as informed to what the market is demanding as well as what it can support. Although we had all of the data, we were getting stuck in the process. We knew we needed a strategic, objective business partner to assist us with getting through the ever changing details and keep us focused on moving forward. Lydia Di Liello was recommended by a peer who believed her pragmatic approach would be a great fit in our company. After an introductory meeting, it was clear we had found a gem. Her unique way of extracting information, asking pointed questions, as well as recognizing the many challenging we face in a fluid market helped get us on track quickly.

Lydia is generous with her time, truly listens, makes herself available on our schedule, and keeps us focused on results. After careful evaluation, Lydia worked with us to create a new pricing structure guiding us through the transition. Ever mindful of avoiding brand and pricing confusion, Lydia recommended a repackaging and price realignment. She was instrumental in assisting us with creating a story that we could present to our customers emphasizing the uniqueness and value our products bring. Our launch was a huge success and we are now experiencing increased revenue and a much higher profit margin. We are now well positioned to expand into emerging markets.

It is with great confidence that we recommend Lydia Di Liello with Capital Pricing Consultants, LLC If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 508-826-2133 or via email at

Best Regards,
Laurie Del Garbino, President
230 West Mountain St.
Worcester, MA 01606