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The most well thought out strategies and optimized price lists won’t mean a thing if they are not executed with surgical precision. Diverse groups including Distributors, Pricing Analysts, Sales People and Project Managers all tactically influence your company’s profitability. Capital Pricing Consultants LLC provides training targeted to support the specific challenges and opportunities that these groups face.  As an executive trainer, Lydia educates groups of all sizes and experience levels from pricing analysts to Sales executives.  Let CPC help you arm your entire organization with the tools they need to drive profit to your bottom line. Customized training programs at all levels offered in 1 and 2 day programs are available and will be tailored to your organizations needs and goals.

  • Sales Negotiation Strategy and Training
  • Selling on Value Not Price
  • Creating cohesion between Sales & Pricing- Making the Impossible Possible
  • Closing at Higher Margins