VIDEO: IndustrialSage Interview About Helping Manufacturers Price Their Products

Lydia Di Liello, CEO & Founder of Capital Pricing Consultants, shares with IndustrialSage how and why she started a company to help manufacturers properly price their products. IndustrialSage is a dynamic, open platform, publishing compelling content for industrial professionals. Watch the interview with Lydia by IndustrialSage…











 PODCAST: Profitability


Do you understand how to make your business a profit generating machine? Listen to this podcast with industry expert Lydia DiLiello for tips and tricks on what to do to generate more profit. Audio Recording Link.












PODCAST: Current Pricing Strategies – Industry Expert

Current Pricing Trends

Listen to what the current pricing trends are, and how they can help your company increase profit. Audio Recording Link.












Monetize Your CPQ Investment – A Pricing Podcast

How to Monetize your CPQ Investment - PPS Podcast

Listen to the first Professional Pricing Society’s podcast about getting the most revenue and profit generation from your CPQ investments.









PODCAST: Pricing Bombs in the Boardroom

Pricing Strategy Audio Recording - Lydia Di Liello - Capital Pricing Consultants, LLC

Listen to Lydia discussing how to approach pricing in the boardroom. Audio Recording Link.





Pricing Software Presentation

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