Capital Pricing Consultants, LLC Revenue Management Consulting Pricing AdvisingStrategic Advising

Working throughout all levels of the organization we strive first to understand your unique business needs and then determine optimal approaches to help you achieve more profit through our Discovery, Assessment, Recommendations model, D.A.R. TM

Whether it is a systemic long term approach to dramatically impacting your company’s profitability or a shot term tactical correction needed to address inconsistent nonsensical price lists, CPC will partner with you to discover options and approaches that fit your unique business needs. CPC has both breadth and depth of knowledge in b to b global revenue management issues such as:

  • Strategy: Global Strategy, Sustained Profit increases, Raw Material cost capture
  • Sales Monetization: Increased Sales Conversion Rates, Sales Compensation alignment with profitability, Key Account Contract profit improvement
  • Tactical & Governance: List Price creation and homogenization, Global Pricing policy development
  • Expertise in software implementation CPQ- Configure, Price, Quote with a focus on change management (the people, business processes and policies and how they effectively and efficiently work together) is a key service offering of CPC.