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Helping You to Increase Profits Locally And Globally

Capital Pricing Consultants, LLC offers a variety of services that are in-line with your company’s financial goals and useful in maximizing profits.

Service Offerings

Advising– working throughout all levels of the organization we strive first to understand your unique business needs and then determine optimal approaches to help you achieve more profit through our Discovery, Assessment Recommendations model D.A.R.

Training – In diverse groups including distributors, sales professionals and pricing teams, we have educated groups from 30 -200. Let us help you arm your organization with the tools they need to help drive profit to your bottom line.

Speaking – whether to the C level suite or at a Sales meeting, We have engaged groups at multi-levels of the organization to address a wide variety of Revenue Management and price related subjects. We can customize a speaker led discussion or a specific topic to suit your business needs.

Publishing –  in industry recognized pricing journals throughout her career, Lydia is also a guest on interview venues. Her most recent article,
The Right Configuration. CPQ Solutions Fail Engineer-To-Order Manufacturers is published in Manufacturing Today June 28, 2021