Do you understand how to make your business a profit generating machine? Listen to this podcast with industry expert Lydia DiLiello for tips and tricks on what to do to generate more profit. Audio Recording Link.












Current Pricing Strategies – Industry Expert

Current Pricing Trends

Listen to what the current pricing trends are, and how they can help your company increase profit. Audio Recording Link.












Monetize Your CPQ Investment – A Pricing Podcast

How to Monetize your CPQ Investment - PPS Podcast

Listen to the first Professional Pricing Society’s podcast about getting the most revenue and profit generation from your CPQ investments.









Pricing Bombs in the Boardroom

Pricing Strategy Audio Recording - Lydia Di Liello - Capital Pricing Consultants, LLC

Listen to Lydia discussing how to approach pricing in the boardroom. Audio Recording Link.





Pricing Software Presentation

Capital Pricing Consultants LLC - Pricing Software Implementation PresentationFill out the form to view a valuable Power Point Presentation covering the do’s and don’ts of pricing software implementation within your company’s overall pricing strategy here.

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