21st Century Procurement Eating your Lunch? Pricing & Selling: Strategies & Tactics to Win

Spring Miami 2017 large bannerTired of Purchasing agents winning while your margins continue to erode? Do you feel helpless when faced with procurement tactics that grow more challenging each year? Then this workshop is for you.

Join us at the 28th Annual Professional Pricing Society Workshops &  Conference in Miami Florida May 2nd -6th

Lydia Di Liello and Chris Provines will present a 1 day workshop on Tuesday May 2nd from 9am -4pm  Pricing and Selling: Strategies and Tactics to Win with 21st Century Procurement. Participants will learn through interactive examples about the 16 games buyers play, the 8 levers of value buyers utilize to gain value and price as well as the 5 common errors made during negotiations.

Join us for a dynamic day of learning and fun that prepares you to immediately change the way you interact with professional procurement and to start “Winning”!