About Lydia Di Liello – CEO & Founder

Lydia Di Liello is the CEO and founder of Capital Pricing Consultants a revenue management and business consultancy dedicated to improving profitability for its clients through strategic, operational and tactical recommendations. She brings more than 23 years of global revenue management and business leadership expertise to her clients.

Working with over 16 countries in both Fortune 500 and privately held firms Lydia’s experience provides a breadth of knowledge and an understanding of the unique challenges her clients face. Her leadership roles have included manufacturing, pricing and procurement, most recently nine years at the executive level in customs plastics manufacturing.

She is a noted speaker and has presented throughout the United States and in Asia and Europe leading workshops and executive sessions.

Lydia holds an MBA from Youngstown State University and is a member of the Board of Advisors for the Professional Pricing Society. She is a frequent contributor to pricing industry publications including: The Pricing Advisor, The Pricing Journal and Pricing Brew as well as a featured guest on Pricing Podcasts and twitter chats.

About CPC

Capital Pricing Consultants LLC. is an expert model revenue management and business consultancy dedicated to sustainably improving revenue and profitability for its clients through relevant and timely insights, strategic plans and targeted training programs.

Company Philosophy

  • Insist on open and clear communication through every step of the client engagement process
  • Dedicated to effciency and efficacy, valuing the clients’ time and commitment
  • Believe in and cultivate long term relationships built one successful project at a time