Online Interview: Avoiding the Downward Spiral of Price Reduction with Lydia Di Liello


The WAM Podcast is where accomplished women interview accomplished women who can share their experiences and encourage women to look across the broad landscape of manufacturing, from the shop floor to the C-Suite, and the expanse of jobs and careers in between, to learn more about this exciting sector of the U.S. economy, and what it might hold for them.

Lydia was interviewed on the WAM Podcast by host Frances Brunelle, founder of Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers. In this interview, you will hear all about Lydia’s passion and her reason for starting the company and her years of experience working in procurement at General Motors. Lydia and Frances shift to discussing proactive versus reactive pricing, why constantly lowering prices is detrimental to the industry, and what manufacturers can do to avoid price wars and reverse auctions. Lydia talks about instances where she has advised her clients to “fire” demanding customers and when she has encouraged them to lower their prices under specific circumstances. Listeners will also hear Lydia’s go-to advice to her clients and all about her upcoming workshop hosted by the Professional Pricing Society.

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