PODCAST: Optimizing Profitability Through Cross Functional Resources

Optimizing Profitability Through Cross Functional Resources: Getting Sales, Finance & Manufacturing to Help Drive Profit

Is your organization plagued by confusing messages regarding profit and revenue? 

Who is really driving profit in your company?

How can you encourage company wide support getting  Sales, Finance, and Manufacturing to work together to improve profit?

If these questions are a constant challenge then join us for this interactive webinar.

We will discuss proven tactics to increase profitability that work for Sales, Finance, and Manufacturing and turn opponents into profit partners in the process. Through simple straight forward approaches to Data, Language, Compensation and Pain points these cross functional partners will help deliver profit to the bottom line.  We’ll also provide insight on how to “Stop Doing Dumb Things”.

Whether you have 1,000 or 1 Million SKU’s these techniques will work for you!

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