Professional Pricing Society – 26th Annual Pricing Workshop & Conference – Lydia Di Liello Guest Speaker [Oct. 20-23, 2015]

Lydia Di Liello will be featured as a guest speaker at this year’s upcoming Professional Pricing Society’s (PPS) 26th Annual Pricing Workshop & Conference in San Fransisco, CA October 20-23, 2015 at the Palace Hotel from 2:30PM – 3:30PM in the Pricing Tools\Techniques Track.


If you will be attending the event and would like more information, or to meet in person, please contact me at or at

Visit to download my latest presentation: “How To Successfully Implement Pricing Software: Creating a Revenue-Generating Machine”

Pricing strategy topics of interest to include a presentation on “Creating Collaboration Between Pricing and Sales: Making the Impossible, Possible“.

For more information or to register please visit The Professional Pricing Society Website.